EFT practitioner
Author of Family Energetics
Shadow-self advocate

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I'm Deborah Donndelinger, EFT practitioner, author of Family Energetics, and shadow-self advocate. I help you see and release the experiences, self-perceptions, and memories that stand in the way of you living your personal truth.

The core concept of my work is that we each have an innate and unique drive towards wholeness, health, and evolution. The bigger the issue, the bigger the love that is wanting to be seen and realized.

More About Working Together.

Relief with EFT

Effective and insightful tapping as you make progress with specific issues.


Relief Through The System

Releasing blocks from the larger matrix as you make progress on a systems level.

Family Energetics

Your Personal Truth

Living your personal truth through the eyes of the Enneagram, Human Design, and integral developmental stages.

Understand Yourself

The Transformational Next Step

Intuitive insights and initiatory energy work that bring next steps to light for your personal and professional ambitions.

Integrative Coaching

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